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Maintaining The House With Kids

Are you fed up of trying to maintain a clean and livable house for your kids? Only to your dismay, do you find it to be a never ending process? Well, having kids and maintaining a clean and neat home is need an achievement that needs to be applauded in the highest way possible!

Well, let’s see some tips that homemakers shared with us, on how to keep a house clean whilst having kids!

The rules!

You need to first set your house rules that is common for everyone in the household. Don’t ever expect that you can have rules only for the kids. It will never be respected and followed. For instance, if you have a rule that if someone takes a thing they have to return it to their original location. Then this rule should be applicable to all. Also the rules should be sensible ones that the kids can understand and follow. This will depend on their age and maturity!

Rewarding system

You should definitely incorporate a rewarding system. As this will help you to get the kids actively involved in keeping the house neat and tidy. Whether you get one of the best interior design companies Singapore to plan out your home, you will need the corporation of every in the house to maintain it that way. So by inventing a rewarding system that will reward the kid or kids who do their part to perfection on keeping the house neat and tidy. The reward can be something the kid loves or a trip to their favourite restaurant.

Getting their ideas for a revamp

If you are planning on a condo renovation then you will need to get the ideas of the kids as well. The kids will take extra efforts in ensuring the house is neat and tidy before and after the revamp if you take their ideas into account. Because they feel an important part of maintaining the house and therefore will do everything in their power to keep the house neat and tidy at all times. They may even end up dismissing the adults in the household who are not obeying the cleaning rules in the house!

 The adults

You will need to ensure that the adults in the house follow the rules. As unless the adults are setting an example to the kids, you can be sure that the kids will not be bothered to follow the rules. So always, make sure that the adults follow all the rules and thereby encourage the little ones to do so by their actions. Because actions speak louder than words!