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5 Important Questions That You Must Ask From Your New Nanny

Let’s face it; no matter how much we dislike how the world is running, we’re still running the race. More than that, it is what brings monetary resources that helps us live better lives. But there’s one problem.

We’re busy! We as a generation are so much busier than our parents ever were. Eventually there are a set of people who will be victimized because of this; babies. Newborn to ages you can comfortably refer to them as such, they all lose our parental attention. The fix is easy but what’s hard is choosing the fix.

Here are 5 questions that you must ask your new nanny before hiring.

  • “Do you have any anger management issues?”

If this question sounds strange to you, you’re either very innocent, or you do not want to go to that side. There are many recorded murders in the police history that are caused by angry babysitters. You should not hire anyone who even seem to be rude at any cost when you’re hiring babysitting services.

  • “What are the professional qualifications that you have?”

Taking care of babies in professional ways require professional qualifications. This has nothing to do with the experience that they have. Question them on any child psychology diplomas that they may have done, along with college education and of course the exposure to the field as a person. If you get positive answers, then they have successfully passed this hurdle.

  • “How experienced are you?”

Any professional’s value will always increase with the extent of their experience. This is why need to prioritize the quality of their previous work. You might even want to consider contacting a few to be ensured of their services. But that’s just the common procedure of these confinement nanny Singapore; you always need to double check.

  • “How available are you?”

Remember that the person who should be making time is them, not you. Hence, ask them very clearly on their availability. If you feel like they have other work that could make your work a burden for them, politely refuse. That’s going to be such a relief in the long run.

  • “Are you affiliated with an agency?”

If they are affiliated with a reputed company that is well known to provide high quality nannies, it is a big green light and you should give them a priority. That’s because for woman to enroll in such a place, the process is very difficult starting from the applying one. Hence, if you are to hire a babysitter, remember to question this.

As long as you’re asking the right questions, you will be able to see the better picture. In that way, you will be hiring a friend who will take care of you and your baby.